veganNowadays, if you wish to live consciously, I feel it is almost essential to adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle, unless you have no choice.

Sure we can say nothing is real, that everything is vibrating particles of light, but suffering is real enough and the meat and dairy industry is pure suffering.

Even aside from this, I believe the vegan diet, when done properly, is also the most healthy and energetically pure diet which we can adopt.

I say done properly as it is very possible, as it is with anything, to do it badly. I have experienced both sides of this so I feel I am in a position to say so.

If we are to do it properly and still maintain the health and strength of the body I have found it is necessary to eat a lot of good fat and protein, fruits, vegetables, roots and whole, unprocessed, preferably organic grains such as brown rice, wholemeal pasta, buckwheat, rye, spelt, oats and so on. I find much of the digestive problems I can have when eating non- organic grains even if they are of the wholegrain variety are non existent in their organic counterparts.

Perhaps something interesting for you to experiment with. It makes sense, the body is ancient, the pesticides/ GMO is new. The body has not adapted to it. It rejects it, for me in quite a small way i.e. some stomach discomfort but for some very seriously.

Good fat can be found in peanut butter (try to get it as pure as possible and avoid palm oil), oils such as coconut and extra virgin olive oil, olives themselves, tahini, avocados, nuts, seeds, tofu, seitan, tempeh.

It is good to soak nuts overnight in water as it de-acidifies them and makes them alkaline. There are many ideas about how acid, phlegm and mucus are extremely linked to disease. De acidifying the body with eating and also with breath work, see “the Wim Hof method” is very important.

I should say if we are choosing soy products we should definitely look into their origin and try to get them as pure and sustainable as possible. Soy production is a major offender in terms of the destruction of rain forests, mostly for the feeding of cattle.

Taking a good vegan multivitamin can also be helpful, I live in a place where there is not much sun so we who are here often lack certain nutrients which the sun provides.

When we have purified the body and gotten in touch with our being it begins to know and communicate what is that we require to us. Listening to this is essential.

I have found it is good to start the day with some water that has been stored in a copper flask overnight, also this is the best time to eat fruit. Smoothies are good. Spirulina, hemp, soaked nuts, avocado, cacao, fruit etc.

Look into the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Very common and also very commonly overlooked. Migraines, weakness, tiredness and even autism has been linked to it. Magnesium can be found in foods like cacao and nuts, also if you take a vegan multivitamin it will be in there.

Avoid processed sugar, I do not even eat natural sweeteners apart from on occasion but I know some find that natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and molasses do them no harm and are helpful.

Though things like spirulina/cacao etc seem expensive it is actually very possible to live this way cheaply. If you eat smart then the body needs less in quantity as what you are eating is full of condensed nutrition. The body is your vehicle, you live in it. Buy in bulk, find cheap places. It is more than worth it. You will be saving a lot on snacks/ meat/ dairy also.

I see people spending tonnes of money on rubbish then shoveling cheap food into their mouths. I don’t get it. It is all so connected, as you will realise, when you become healthy, if you are not already.

Above all things it is best to follow your own wisdom. I am just providing a general guideline which you can adapt to your own preference.

Drink herbal tea. Nettle tea, licorice, whatever feels good for you. This aids digestion, focuses the mind and wakes you up. Rooibos tea is also very good and has a definite relaxing quality in both the body and mind.

Take cold showers, it is good for your immune system. I worked my way to this, I began in a hot country where the water was bearable even at the coldest setting then upon returning to Scotland I had the water running at about the same temperature as when I was abroad before working my way down to the coldest.

It seems harsh and uninviting but it is now essential to me and I look forward to it very much. It is an instant wake up call, it improves circulation, awakens the senses and generally makes us tougher. It is good to combine this with the breathing exercise which I posted in the methods section of the website.

Sometimes though, our being may cry out for warmth and this should always be heeded. The being should always be listened to and followed over any structure, dietary or otherwise, which we may hold. A warm bath with salts and pure essential oils can be very healing/ relaxing.

Eat raw food often, nuts, fruit, vegetables etc. Eating in this way means you get all the nutrition as in cooking much of it can be lost. Sprouts are very good as they are very fresh and alive. Full of energy.

For dinner I like to eat some good quality grains, organic if possible, wholegrain pasta, brown rice, buckwheat or anything else like it. Steamed vegetables like broccoli, courgette, spinach or green beans. Perhaps with some tofu, tempeh, seitan or beans. Lentils are also extremely nourishing and good for the body. One can cook a big pot of daal which can last for days, saving time and energy and providing lasting nourishment. Rice and lentils is one of the most simple and healthy combinations which we can eat.

Spices are also good, turmeric, cumin, a little cayenne pepper, some good quality sea, rock or Himalayan salt, good quality soy sauce is a great flavour enhancer, my favourite is ume shisho, a Japanese condiment used similarly to soy sauce made from plums. Pure salt is not such a bad thing. Problems mostly come when we are eating processed foods which are already salty and then we add more salt to them. The body requires some salt to function properly and it is easy not to overdo it when we are eating whole, unprocessed foods.

Packaging is another thing to think about. While it can seem pointless, as the only real change will come when we cut such things off at the source of their production, which continues to vomit out unthinkable amounts of plastic and chemicals despite the state of the oceans and landscapes around us, change begins with us, and it is one small thing which we can all do to promote change. It is not always possible, I know, especially when on the move, but as much as it is possible, do it. Choose the thing which has the least packaging, the least detrimental environmental effect. Choose fruits and vegetables without plastic wrappers, choose ingredients which you know are sustainable and generally just limit waste as much as possible. Be simple, be pure, be true.

If we lived in a sensible society it wouldn’t be made that way in the first place. It is ridiculous to keep manufacturing waste on such a huge scale then tell people they have to limit waste, recycle etc. Just make the system work without producing waste in the first place then no problem. Anyway, this is how it now is so it seems one small way in which we can promote change.

Above all things, tune in and listen to your own wisdom. The body is highly intelligent, though we have become largely disconnected from its wisdom and have become instead largely reliant on third parties such as doctors and so called nutrition experts to tell us what we need. Most of these people have an ideology which has been programmed into them. The agenda of the pharmaceutical companies, the dairy industry and so on which funds and keeps this system going is very present in people who have not ventured outside of the mainstream system and worldview. Those within the medical system, which is largely funded by pharmaceutical companies, have been, inadvertently and unknowingly, indoctrinated into thinking that theirs is the only way. I am not criticizing doctors, there are many great doctors, working extremely hard and saving lives. I think that western medicine is extremely helpful when it comes to treating major injuries and even illnesses in many cases. But always prevention is better than cure, and for this it is necessary that we know our bodies, that we nourish them well and that we hear and listen to their wisdom.

Think about it, pharmaceutical companies do not wish for you to be well. It is a business and a HUGE one at that, raking in billions of dollars every year. They want you to remain sick forever, so they can keep selling you pills for this and that.

It is all completely unnecessary when we learn to tune into our bodies natural wisdom. It knows what we require so be kind to it, listen to it and nourish it with fresh, alive food and energy. Rest when it tells you to rest, eat when it tells you to eat, drink when it tells you to drink. There is a different kind of energy which comes through when we do not take in dead flesh and animal products. A lightness, a clarity. Animals are not so far from us, their suffering is as real as our suffering.

Choose compassion, choose love, choose health. I think I have said about all I can say on this issue. Thanks for reading. Love.



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