Working with Sexual Energy

Microcosmic-CirculationOur sexual energy is the energy of life. It is imperative to our development that we learn how to work with it.

In males especially, it is very important that we learn how to store this energy. Without it we cannot move into the high vibrations, the higher frequencies of light. In females an orgasm can be very healing, it can unblock trapped energy, it can pull them deeper into surrender which is the natural way of the feminine. In males however, spilling our seed can deplete us, make us more prone to illness and fatigue and cause our being to become weak.

This does not mean we have to deny sex and become celibate.

The more real and practical way to deal with this is to learn ejaculation control. This is done by a combination of breathing, holding and moving. Far from being cold and austere, this makes life and sex more enjoyable, more fulfilling, less depleting. After mastering this technique you will understand and realize the immense benefits of it.

During sex and as much as possible we should be conscious of our breathing which should fill and expand our stomach and chest and swell our groin. This is real breathing. Slow, deep and rhythmical.

We remain conscious of this and do not slip into the habitual loss of control and mad frantic pumping which this pleasure driven, goal orientated and impatient society has implanted in us. This allows us to last much longer.

Then at the point of ejaculation, we contract the kegel muscle (the muscle used to stop the flow of urine) hard and deep and bring our focus inside. An orgasm is a huge release of energy. Using this method we keep this energy within ourselves rather than throwing it away. It is no less pleasurable, in fact it is more so. It is a completely win-win situation.

Then we can move this energy up through the body and into the head, placing our tongue on the roof of our mouth to connect the yin and yang channels. The yang channel moves up from the perineum, up the back and into the head. The yin channel moves from the head, down the front of the body and back to the perineum.

In the beginning this may feel vague and strange, we may not be sure if we are doing it correctly. With repeated practice it will become clear. It is an inner movement of pushing the energy up the spine and into the head. Thus strengthening our energy, raising our vibration, increasing our health and our connection to our being.

The dogma around sex found in many religions arises from the fact that we need to learn how to control and utilize our energy properly. This was known by the masters who taught the foundational teachings, the roots from which many of the religions we see now grew. But in time, through ignorance and misunderstanding, the foundational truths were largely lost and replaced by dogma. It is time now to cut these outdated and ignorant outgrowths and return to the fundamental reality. Which is the reality of energy, frequency, vibration.




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