I have found on my journey, that supplements can be very helpful in helping us to stand fully in our truth, in full health, at full capacity. Supplementing is kind of like oiling the machine. The body isn’t everything but it is the container, and its ability to contain is directly linked to its health and capacity.

Often when I have begun supplementing with something it is like some certain part of me which I didn’t know existed suddenly turns on and I realize; “I have been missing this my whole life!”.

We are living in a strange, new and somewhat artificial world. We are not out in the sun as much as we used to be, we do not exercise as much as we used to and we are exposed to far more environmental toxins and stresses among other things.

Supplements can help to compensate for that and keep us strong enough to exist healthily and positively in this new world.

So the three supplements which I use regularly are a good vegan multivitamin, ashwaganda and 5-HTP, as well as dietary supplements such as hemp protein, spirulina and cacao.

You know what the multivitamin is but let me explain 5-HTP.

5-HTP is a natural herbal extract which provides the building blocks for the neurotransmitter serotonin also known as the happy chemical (for more on serotonin and the symptoms of serotonin deficiency see here ). In order to be properly absorbed it requires vitamin b6 so it is good to get a brand which already contains this. I have found it pretty easy to get a good and reasonably priced vegan version which also contains the b6 so have a look around. Just search for “Vegan 5-HTP with vitamin b6” on google.

When I began to take this I was operating at a definite lack. I had exhausted myself in various ways and also perhaps due to genetic factors and the fact that I live in a fairly dark place which year by year is getting less and less sun and becoming more and more temperate (Scotland), all of these things combined to make me feel pretty exhausted and depressed mentally. It was like I was always pushing against this wall within myself, always pushing against this immovable force within.

It is true that working within this friction provided a lot of growth and don’t get me wrong there were many beautiful experiences and periods in this time (these things usually come in waves until one is strong enough to hold ones center amidst the waves and tumult all around). But this is never meant to be a permanent state of affairs. So I discovered 5-HTP.

It made me realize that a great deal of the weight I was always pulling against was due to chemical deficiency, so my brain and body didn’t quite have enough to operate at full capacity. Of course this isn’t all, and one still has to consciously look at ones faults and try to improve and learn and grow. The 5HTP just made this far easier, I guess if you have read my other writing on the 3 forces, that 5-HTP acted as a kind of neutralizing force which gave my positive intention to change enough momentum to actually begin moving forward rather than constantly being caught in a tug of war with the negative pull of my old habits, thought patterns etc (see post in writings entitled “Friction” for more on the three forces).

It was an experience kind of similar to the sun coming out. I felt suddenly far lighter and more positive, clearer and more able to engage with my brain on a conscious level. The weight was lifted somewhat and I could breathe and look at things in a more objective way.

Everything kind of began to fall into place. All the work which i had done in my state of lack could really begin to flower in such an environment. It is kind of like learning to play music on a really beat up and crappy old instrument. If you can play on that you can play on anything. Once you finally get your hands on a well tuned, finely crafted instrument it is a joy beyond joys!

So this is essentially how I feel about 5-HTP. It tunes you up a little, lightens you so you can see a bit more clearly. It is the same with the multivitamin. Both together just get everything operating that bit more smoothly, more harmoniously. The body/ mind has its building blocks so then the spirit can flow from this foundation beautifully!

If you are going to supplement with this it is important to do it daily. It took me about 3 days to really start noticing an effect. It is said that a program of this is about 6 months but as always I say do what feels right for you.

Another thing I feel helpful to mention with regard to reaping the maximum benefits from this combination of supplements using the law of the three forces – Begin with the 5-HTP – this will move you into another orbit – when this movement plateaus and becomes normal, then begin to take the ashwaganda – this will again move you into another orbit. If you were to just begin taking both they would merge into one another so I feel this is a much more efficient way to do it.

I have already spoken about spirulina and cacao in my post on diet but basically get these and start making smoothies with them every morning with some fruit and hemp protein and you are going to be feeling good! People will spend money on all kinds of things. The expense of these things needn’t put you off. It is a small price to pay to live in a good and finely tuned instrument/body.

Actually if you work it out and are smart about it it is quite easy to do it cheaply. Buy in bulk. Search around. You will find a way. The health of the body ties into more than just appearance! It affects everything, so in my opinion, keeping it healthy should be pretty high up on everyone’s list of priorities.

Only by being stable and healthy and strong yourself can you help others. Otherwise it is like trying to save someone from drowning while you are drowning yourself, then you both get tangled up and drown.

No. Find your ground, your health, your stability. Then offer your hand to someone, from that stable place.

I hope this helps you.

Peace x



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