detach-spiritImpermanence is one of the core teachings of Buddhism. Everything in the form we know it will die. This is the nature of every phenomenon which arises in reality.

This is the source of a great deal of human suffering. We crave something permanent, something solid amidst the constant flux of life.

Much of our suffering around this comes from our idea that objects in their identities are somehow inherently existing. I.e that they exist as something separate from everything which arises and dies, rather than the reality that they are one part of one infinite movement. The reality is that everything is in a constant and infinite state of flux.

Except for the center in the midst of conditions of course. By finding that within ourselves we can surmise how the laws of manifestation operate.

Everything that exists is in some way a microcosm of everything. That is to say within everything can be found the eternal and immutable laws of manifestation. Masculine and feminine aspects, systems of natural order (see the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio), the oak tree within the tiny seed.

The human instrument is an extremely detailed microcosm. How do thoughts appear in the mind? From where do they spring? From where do the emotions arise?

Who is the one who is observing all of this and is untouched and unchanging?

Who is the one who is aware of that one?

What remains when all else has fallen away?

Truth can be known by one who has purified themselves of precepts and who is able to hold themselves to the center in the midst of conditions.

This is a clear glass. Life in its multi dimensional truth can only reveal itself to a clear glass.

The patterns and colours in a glass make for beautiful and varied reflections as the light shines through.

These colours do certainly make for a far more interesting, rich and alive experience of life in all of its multidimensionality.

But the clear glass sees life as it is in its bare-naked and awesome truth and realizes… There is no glass.

Once this realization has landed individuality can return and bloom in its own way.

We are like flowers in the field. None better than the other. Each completely different. Each completely connected in an infinite field of energy.

Do the flowers compare themselves to one another? Does the flower long to be a tree?

No. The flower blooms as itself.

Through resolving feelings of unworthiness we can come to know and love ourselves and others. Such a beautiful world, so many beautiful creative souls, so much love.

Celebrate life, celebrate difference.

Peace xxx


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