The Eternal Dance

This idea that there is some way to be – All bases have to be covered to make the full picture. If every role has to be played, it is better than they are played consciously – knowing that it is just a role.
Life seen from zoomed out is a movement of energy – it goes over here oops a bit too far lets pull it back this way, oops to far a bit to the right, a bit to the left.
To be conscious is to understand this movement and engage with it in such a way to keep it balanced or to move it into a new orbit.
What I mean when I say that is – things move in circles naturally, but they don’t have to.
If we recognize the movement of energy and know when it is going into decline then we can apply the correct force to keep it moving in the way of growth.
This is always a movement into resistance, as the natural movement of the energy is to go down at a certain point (to make a circle) so this is why we feel resistance.
Will is the force that moves into that resistance and thus propels the energy to keep moving rather than go down in its natural way.
This is also why life often has a kind of, stagnation, flow, stagnation, flow vibe about it.
It is the energy moving in a circle, but like I said, it doesn’t have to if we are prepared to move into the resistance at the point when it moves into decline.
There are many ways to be, we can move with the circle sometimes, one does not always have to be pushing, one can sometimes choose to move with the circle, sometimes to move into the resistance…
Also it seems to me that in terms of the collective consciousness/ consensus reality there is so much in decline that perhaps such knowledge is required to shift the whole into a new paradigm.
It seems to me that just like in the inner growth of the individual, there comes a point where conscious engagement with the processes becomes necessary to keep the evolution going.
This means people have to go way far out and stretch the boundaries, to make the whole rest a little higher, to raise the collective a little.
I hope this makes sense to somebody.


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