“The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires”  Rumi To meditate is to connect with one’s being and be still. It makes no sense to force meditation upon oneself. Meditation arises naturally without effort when one has cleaned the house so to speak. To clean the house means to resolve conflict … More Meditation

Pain is a Furnace

Emotional pain, depression – we have all suffered from it at one time or another. The death of relationships, the death of ideas we hold about ourselves and life, the death of loved ones, insecurities, fears, regrets. There are times in life however when the pain becomes very intense, unbearable even. We contemplate suicide, all … More Pain is a Furnace

Creating not Reacting

Our job in this grand cosmic symphony is to stop reacting and start creating. The movement which arises from our absolute stillness is a movement from the whole and is inherently connected to and harmonious with everything. Don’t just listen to me – try – become totally quiet – when one moves and does not … More Creating not Reacting

The Divine Comedy

Keep pushing your little shit ball up the mountain, until both you and the shit ball disappear. Then you will fall down upon the warm sand, and laugh so hard that the whole cosmos will hear you and ring in unison with you. We are all pushing or have pushed a shit ball of one … More The Divine Comedy

The Seed Pearl

“Only after concentrated work of a hundred days will the light be genuine, then only will it become spirit-fire. After a hundred days there develops by itself in the midst of the light a point of the true light-pole (yang). Then suddenly there develops the seed pearl. It is as if man and woman embraced … More The Seed Pearl

The True Voice

I speak for those who understand my language. In the midst of these resonances somewhere, truth can be found. In the willingness to cry out across these barren landscapes in the cry that is uniquely yours, you may find companionship, love, great surprises and mystery – often in unlikely places. People will only see things … More The True Voice

One Becomes One Again

Any pattern within the mind or indeed any personality structure which clings to its inherent reality as an object which exists apart from and separate from all other things will come up strongly in this kind of work and self examination. Indeed this is much of the work, the reunification of these “shattered” aspects into … More One Becomes One Again