Chanting is a very centering and calming practice to adopt. It also improves the breathing and strengthens the voice and I what I find particularly good about it is that it can be treated like an exercise as its effects are fairly mechanical in many ways. What I mean by that is that much of … More Chanting


“The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires”  Rumi To meditate is to connect with one’s being and be still. It makes no sense to force meditation upon oneself. Meditation arises naturally without effort when one has cleaned the house so to speak. To clean the house means to resolve conflict … More Meditation


Correct breathing is imperative. Breathing should be deep, slow and rhythmical. Breath should swell the groin, stomach and chest on the in breath, out breath should be slow, controlled, in sync with the in breath. On the in breath we can imagine energy rising from our groin to our head up the back of the … More Breathing


Nowadays, if you wish to live consciously, I feel it is almost essential to adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle, unless you have no choice. Sure we can say nothing is real, that everything is vibrating particles of light, but suffering is real enough and the meat and dairy industry is pure suffering. Even aside … More Diet